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500 Wilcox St
Joliet,  IL 60435

Phone: (815) 740-3529/Office (815) 723-9309/Studio


The goal of the Digital Audio Recording Arts program at USF is to produce musically sophisticated and sensitive professionals who have sufficient technical knowledge to excel in the technology based production industry, helping to define quality using both musical and technical criteria. The USF DARA student will acquire the knowledge, principles and practices of engineering methodology and creative music production techniques to permit them to adapt quickly and effectively to the rapidly changing world of music creation, production and distribution.

Put simply, DARA students will study the architecture of 21st century Music Production using Audio Loops, MIDI composition and Traditional Audio capturing, editing, mixing and mastering using our excellent facilities which include, state of the art Digital Audio Workstations with a myriad of embedded plug-ins and virtual instruments, our extensive microphones selection, tracking room, booths and control room and editing suite, as well as gaining a comprehensive understanding of the architecture of Music which include Melodic, Harmonic, Rhythmic, Key, Modal, Composition, and Orchestration to name a few.

A digital audio recording curriculum in conjunction with the USF music department and business department.

Receive a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Digital Audio Recording Arts with 3 concentrations to choose from; Recording Artist, Audio Engineer, and Music Industry Entrepreneur.

To create audio engineers that have musical and entrepreneurial expertise.

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Founded: August 2010
Parking: Street, Parking Lot

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